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The latest and final movie for Sora no Otoshimono (Eternal My Master) was released on BD within the last week and the first group to fansub is “Impatience” - it can easily be found via Google.

Unfortunately, the wait was not worth it. Massive amounts of plot are missing between the manga in this - they couldn’t possibly wrap everything in 50mins to even begin with - that said, the art style change to match the manga was a nice addition though.

They left out additional characters, plot developments and left the whole thing with a cliffhanger ending.

This is coming from someone that loves the series/franchise (hence the dedicated tumblr blog): If you’re the sort of person that has only watched the anime and not read the manga… I’d strongly suggest you read up on the manga instead, the movie was definitely not up to par and will no doubt confuse/annoy you.

I’ll end up making some gifs of my favourite scenes over the next couple of days, I’ll tag these with #spoilers just incase.

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